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Totes For Days – 5 Tote Bag Design Ideas
27th July 2021

So far this summer tote bags have been one of our most popular products. It’s not a surprise though is it, they’re just so handy! Going to the beach, chuck in a towel. Going to a local food market, chuck in some freshly made bagels. Before you know it you have something that resembles Mary Poppins bottomless bag – they seem to fit in so much! If you’ve thought about getting some tote bags printed for your business, side hustle or brand and need some inspiration, take a look at our Top 5 Tote Bag design ideas from over the last few months.

tote bag designs

South Coast Bagel Co. & Bubblehead Barista

South Coast Bagel Co and Bubblehead Barista teamed up at a local market to sell their fresh baked bagels and home roasted coffee, along with these neutral cotton tote bags with a simple one colour screen print featuring their logos. It’s the perfect way to advertise your business, just imagine all of those customers strolling around town showing off your logo!

tote bag printing

Strong Island Clothing Co.

Clothing brand Strong Island Clothing Co. went for these premium mid-weight 100% cotton tote bags with reinforced straps, teamed with a 2 colour screen print and sunset fade. They never disappoint with their combination of great design and excellent choice of quality products.

cotton screenprinted tote bag


Local eatery and shant hole Croxtons used these tote bags to celebrate the relaunch of their craft lager Shant. A simple double hit of white screen printed onto these black tote bags. Beer and bags – the perfect combo.

colourful tote bags

Woolly Hugs

Knitting enthusiasts Woolly Hugs mixed this cute sheep design with brightly coloured, light weight cotton totes. These bags are the perfect budget friendly option and come in 50 different colourways!

Inspired? Of course you are! Send over your tote bag design ideas to get a quote via our website Quote Form. If you have the ideas but not quite sure how to execute them, our talented team of creative designers can help you out.


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