1.1 All customers will firstly receive a quote to confirm the order. We will print garments based on the information provided on this quote and cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies between the quote and your requirements after this document has been confirmed.
If changes are requested after confirmation any work already in progress will not be refunded, this includes artwork, screens, ordered garments etc.
1.2 Due to the nature of the printing process the final quantity of garments printed is subject to a +/- 5% tolerance. If you require an exact quantity please take this into account when choosing your quantities to order.
1.3 It is the customers responsibility to check that the proof meets requirements and to confirm this before the order can be started. We
cannot accept responsibility for any errors that are not bought to our attention at the proofing stage.
1.4 Colours shown on the proof may differ from one display to another and may not accurately represent the final print colour.
1.5 Depending on the process involved printed samples may be possible and charged accordingly.
1.6 We recommend all garments are washed according to the provided instructions before being worn.
1.7 All reprinted designs have free screen setup for 6 months after the initial print run.


2.1 Customers supply garments to us at their own risk and are responsible for communicating any special technical requirements for these (e.g: whether the garment will discharge, fabric content, measurements, safe to be used with heat etc). It is recommended that you supply us with 5% extra to account for any replacements.
2.2 All orders must be provided to us correctly labelled and separated according to its design. If you wish to have orders sent directly to us from your suppliers, a Spreadsheet must be sent to us prior to receiving the delivery.
2.3 Customers are expected to provide any pre-worn garments in suitable condition for printing, we reserve the right to refuse printing on soiled garments.


3.1 Artwork must be provided in the highest possible resolution (at least 300dpi) to ensure the best print results. We accept most vector file types as well as JPEGs, PSD and TIF.
3.2 We reserve the right to refuse to produce merchandise and print if the images or content is deemed to be offensive or may incite hatred.
3.3 Garment, print and embroidery colours can only be matched to a Pantone reference, which must be provided by the customer. In the matching, there will always be variance due to screen resolutions, environmental factors (such as lighting), garment colour influences on the inks and varying dye strengths.
3.4 Design positioning must be specified and agreed at the quote stage, along with an approved proof. Unless stated specifically by the customer all placements will be set to the Sea Dog Print Studio standards.
3.5 By providing artwork the customer accepts sole responsibility for the reproduction of images. We accept no responsibility for any copyright infringements caused by using artwork supplied to us.


4.1 Full payment is due upfront before work can commence on your order unless a credit term has been agreed upon beforehand.


5.1 Our average turnaround is 10 working days but can fluctuate. We will make every effort to communicate the approximate turnaround at the time of ordering.
5.2 If your job has a specific deadline this must be discussed at the time of ordering otherwise we cannot guarantee that the deadline will be made. We cannot accept any responsibility for missed photoshoots/loss of sales for not meeting a deadline if it has not been previously agreed, or if turnaround has been affected by circumstances beyond our control.
5.3 All deliveries are handled by a third-party courier who are in control of delivering orders as per the services that we book with them. We cannot be held accountable for losses or delays caused by the courier, but we will attempt to make the relevant claims on our side if this should occur and rectify the situation as best we can.
5.4 Stock levels of items may fluctuate, we will try and make you aware of any shortages when quoting and suggest alternatives if we feel this is necessary. On rare occasions stock shortages may occur in the time between confirmation of quote and placing the order, in this situation we will let you know as soon as possible. For this reason, we suggest confirming your order once quoted at the earliest possible time to avoid this issue.
5.5 On occasion we have space to accept rush orders. There will be an additional fee attached and the completion date will need to be discussed and confirmed at point of quoting/confirmed order. It is recommended to use this service if you need a guaranteed date of completion under 12 working days.
5.6 We currently only ship within the UK. If you require delivery outside of the UK this may be able to be arranged if agreed prior to quoting.


6.1 While we do our best to inspect all garments before printing we are not responsible for manufacturer defects such as garment colour inconsistencies, mislabelled sizes, loose stitching, label inconsistencies, or other garment defects. We highly recommend ordering 5% extra of each size to avoid the possibility of said issues.
6.2 If a fault/error occurs and deemed to be the fault of Sea Dog Print Studio it will be rectified as soon as possible.
6.3 Sea Dog Print Studio have the option to either refund or replace all, or part of, your order if a fault has been made on our part.
6.4 If you discover a fault with part or all of your order you have 7 days to make us aware and return the goods to us. After this time the goods will be considered to have been accepted, and a refund or replacement will not be offered.
6.5 You will be required to arrange and pay for delivery costs for returning goods, however at our discretion we may reimburse you for carriage costs if we find the fault to be on our side.
6.5 It is your responsibility to take care of any goods that are due to be returned whilst in your possession and to ensure that they are not worn, altered or damaged. We reserve the right to refuse to accept returns of any goods that do not comply with this.
6.6 You have the right to cancel your order at any time however an admin fee will be charged. In addition, any work already in progress (eg: artwork or screen preparation, ordering garments etc) will be chargeable. If we have begun printing, we cannot refund or credit you for your order
6.7 Returning incorrect/disliked garments to the supplier may incur a restocking fee.


7.1 We reserve the right to promote the brands we work with and the services we provide through various social platforms and our website. If you would rather we did not link back to your brand/company or would prefer for photos/videos to be released after a certain date please let our team know prior to the start of the production process.