MDS x Sea Dog Print Studio
My Dog Sighs Merchandise
15th July 2021

3 colour screenprinted tshirt

Four Colour Screen Print On Grey T-Shirt

This month our production team has been busily working away on My Dog Sighs merchandise, ready for his up and coming show INSIDE.

MDS x Sea Dog Print Studio

My Dog Sighs With His Mega Merch Delivery

If you’re a Southsea local and love all things art, this will be the perfect event for you! We’ve been working with the talented street artist, painter and story teller My Dog Sighs for some time now. If you have ever visited us at Sea Dog HQ you will know that the side of our building hosts one of My Dog’s huge eye artworks. Over the last 18 months during lockdown My Dog has been working away in the dark of an abandoned casino to create his new immersive show INSIDE.

tshirt screenprinters UK

My Dog’s Iconic Eye Design In Production

My Dog’s signature characters are extremely intricate, so it was incredibly important to try and capture every detail in the printing process. Our printing team worked hard creating a number of test prints with the finest 90 mesh screens and we think the results speak for themselves. Showcasing his work across t-shirts, messenger bags, caps and tote bags. We hear the merchandise has gone down a storm and we are not surprised!

half-tone screenprint detail

Half Tone Details

Between you and I, we did get a secret sneak peek inside the show and we can confirm it will blow your mind! Make sure you get yourselves down there before the end of the show on 1st August.

If you’re inspired by My Dog Sighs merchandise and would like to add a line of garments to your existing creative portfolio, be sure to send over your ideas via our Quote Form


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